Greenline 714 & 716 and the 71 buses in Ham – by KM

What we did have – very, very useful in those days – was the Greenline bus service that used to run through Ham and Petersham, through Richmond through Sheen, Barnes up to Hammersmith. That was delightful. I could get the Greenline all the way almost door to door from Sandy Lane all the way up to Olympia. The 2 routes were the 714 and the 716 Greenline bus service. Unfortunately, what seems to have really put paid to those services was when the famous Petersham Hole occurred when a sewer collapsed in the Petersham Road and in the end it […]

71 Bus to East Acton – by DM

I remember the first bus coming up Lock Road and it used to come round, turn left here into Broughton Avenue, top of Lock Road, left and then go straight across and up Beaufort Road because there was no road through linking, the only road the only way you could get to Ham Parade by car was either round the Common or you’d have to go up Beaufort Road, Lammas Road, Dukes Avenue and that’s the way the bus went through there – I remember things like that. That would have been a 71 that used to run up the […]

71 bus and the Green-Line – by SJ

I mean you had the 71 but it ran, I don’t know, once an hour, something like that, and the 65 was more frequent but it meant you had quite a walk to get on it. And my mother used to take us to, there was a Green-line running through here which ran up to London and we often used to get that and go up to town for whatever reason – clothes shopping, exotic fruits, you name it. Yes, it was, well not so bad.   The bus to Richmond and then the District Line from Richmond to Turnham Green. […]

Route changes to the 71 bus – by GDS

50 years ago with the building of Wates Estate, was when they re-routed the bus because the 71 used to go down Dysart Avenue and Lammas Road and Beaufort Road and Lock Road and round the Common and when they built the first part of the Wates estate the bus route was extended so that it went deeper and when they built more it went deeper still and went down Sandy Lane.

Old 71 bus route in Ham – by EB

Yes, it was the 71 then and it used to stop outside my house which would have been 61 then and then it would stop by the Common by the pond and then turned left to go on to Richmond.  I think it just came down Dukes Avenue and turned into Lock Road.  There was no car parking in those day you very rarely saw a car parked.  I think it only went to Kingston and Richmond the same as it does now, I don’t remember it going any further than that.  When did they change the bus stop? I […]

Old route for the 71 bus – by JB

Lammas Road used originally be a bus route so now you just get the K5 down here but no other buses.  But the old 71 bus used to come down here. Because it couldn’t get through at the top of Dukes Avenue because that was no through road. When we first came to Ham was when there was before Wates estate was built so there was not a through road up through Dukes Avenue so the buses used to come along Lock Road and then around Beaufort Court and up Lammas Road into Dysart to get back up into Kingston […]

Getting to Mortlake school for boys – by GS

I started my secondary school and met up with a lot of my old mates, although I was a little bit later starting school as they were already there.  I started secondary school at Mortlake, that would have been in the latter end of 1953, and then I stayed there until 1956 and then I transferred for the last few months to Grey Court, because Grey Court was opened on 4 September 1956 and that used to be an orchard, I always remember that going in there birds’ nesting, and it was almost a year late opening I remember, I […]