Ham Horticultural Society

This was originally known as the Ham Cottagers Garden Society and founded in the late 19th century. It was revived in the 1950’s under its current name.  It held four shows a year and owned a hut off Lock Road for the sale of gardening equipment. As membership dwindled the hut became disused and has now been demolished.  Remaining members meet up for social occasions.

Petersham Horticultural Society

This was founded in the early 20th century and holds its annual Flower Show and Fete in the Village Hall in Petersham. This is atill an annual event and has been running since 1906.

Walnut Tree Meadow Allotments

In the late 1940’s when the Dysarts were planning to give Ham House to the National Trust and to sell off most of their property in Ham, Richmond Council was looking for allotment space.  By the Ham Agreement of 1902 it was decreed that the Dysart Estate would provide land of allotments not exceeding 20 acres if the council required it.  This had never been provided and eventually in 1951 13.68 acres were obtained of which the greater part were given over to playing fields leaving 3.3 acres to be divided into 48 allotments by April 1955.  There is currently a large waiting list. <div\></div\>

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