Costing clerk at the Star and Garter – by JP

But anyway it was really, they were training us for office work and when we were 14 they really gave us a grammar school education and then we were taught shorthand and typing and commercial arithmetic, bookkeeping, all very useful stuff for the times and for getting a job that kind of thing, and we left school at 15 and were paid next to nothing and gave it all to […]

Working at the Star and Garter – by VG

They’d just that moment had a request for somebody to be secretary to one of the officers so they sent along and …that’s another story about the Star and Garter Home, incredible place and I gotthe job and I worked there for eight years. The Heads of Department were all officers, Major, Colonel, General, Admiral – mine were Admiral (laughter).  There was this lovely little woman, Mary Stocks, who’d employed me to […]