Petersham Sports and Social Club was formed as a cricket and tennis club in 1937 (based in the fields now occupied by Ham Polo Club) and these facilities were shared with the owners (London University).  Fifty years later, in 1987, the lands were put up for sale and the Petersham Sports and Social Club suddenly found themselves homeless.  In 1989, Grey Court School wanted to add tennis to their already impressive facilities and they joined forces with some parents who were former members of the Petersham Sports and Social Club. The result was four hard courts and a cricket square. The courts were financed and built by the club on land supplied by the School.  Several years later, the cricket section was closed because of player shortage, and the Club changed its name to Ham and Petersham Lawn Tennis Club. The courts were resurfaced in 2008. and are now widely praised as the best playing surfaces in the area.

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