Mods and Rockers in Ham – by KM

Let me again relate this to a Ham story and the part of the era. I grew up so my youth was mid ‘60s into the ‘70s and there were distinctly 2 types of youth cultures then: one was either a Mod and rode round on a motor scooter and they were Lambrettas and Vespa scooters or one was a Rocker or Greaser and they were on motor bikes. Most […]

Dances at Ham Hall – by KM

The large building which is now a youth club, I believe, on Ham Close – that started out just called Ham Hall. That was a hall for the use of the community in general. It wasn’t particularly just a youth club. It was quite a nice place when it started. It had a staging area. There was local guy, I guess he would have been in his twenties or so, […]

Friends and growing up in Lawrence Road – by SJ

Growing up in Lawrence Rd did you have, you know, friends in the road?  Oh yes, lots.  I mean, where these children you went to school with as well?  Yes, some of them but a lot of them were Catholic and so didn’t go to the same school but there was always playtime in the evening or afternoon and we were lucky we had a grassed area in Lawrence Rd […]