Teddington Pool is a public swimming pool and fitness centre in Vicarage Road, in Teddington.  Originally built as a lido pool in 1931, it was closed in 1976 and rebuilt as an indoor facility in 1978. Since its original construction in 1931, the pool has been home to Richmond Swimming Club, who continue to use the facility. After the pool was rebuilt, Teddington Swimming Club was formed and continue to use it as a base. Teddington Sub Aqua Club also use the pool.

Pools on the Park (previously known as Richmond Baths) is a swimming pool and leisure facility in Old Deer Park in Richmond, London. Construction on the 6.5-acre) site started in 1964 and was completed in 1966. The pool replaced the previous Richmond baths nearby which had been built in Parkshot in 1882.  The building, which includes 33.3-metre (109 ft) pool and a learner pool inside, and an open-air pool outside, received a Civic Trust award in 1967.

Kingston’s first swimming baths was a floating pool moored in the Thames which opened in 1882.  This was replaced by one opened in Wood Street in 1897.  By 1937 this was replaced by the Coronation Baths in Denmark Road which had a sliding roof which could be opened during fine weather.  Surbiton already had its open air lagoon in Raeburn Avenue which was opened in 1934.   The Coronation Baths closed in 1980 and were replaced by the Kingfisher on the Wheatfield in 1984 followed by the Malden Centre pool in 1987 in Blagdon Road.

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