My father’s association with Ham Evangelical Free Church – by Mildred Howes

My father was sent to St Paul’s School but was rather a lonely boy, taking long walks on his own. When he was in his teens he walked along the river to Petersham meadows and sat in a field, reading his Bible. He was spotted by the local farmer, from Secrett’s farm, and after some conversation was asked if he would like to come to the small church in Lock […]

Using the services of the District Nurse – by MG

I had, I think it was chicken pox and the first time I remember, I was about sixteen, before I ever saw a doctor, we never had a doctor.  Granny Sanders, she used to have sort of natural remedies and we used to have those and I can remember Mum calling in the District Nurse just to look at me, that I’d got chickenpox.  I don’t know if it was […]

Working at Eckett & Ellis – by MG

My Dad, he worked for a time with Eckett & Ellis, the builders on Ham Common.  They had a yard opposite Vine Cottage, that looks onto the pond and that was the local builders and my Dad worked for them for a time.  They were great friends as well… and then my Dad, he was called up – the Second World War – he went in quite late, because he […]

My younger brother’s building business – by GS

The other brother, the younger brother, Wilfred, he started just after the war a building business and he traded under the name of W Stevens of Ham Limited and he employed about 20 men and he was in business up until about 1990 and then he passed away and the business got sold on and the chaps who had bought the business they never kept the name very long and […]

Bookmakers in Ham – by GS

My dad’s brothers, two of them were bookmakers and they had a business in Ham which they used to run from the house in 1 Lawrence Road in those days because betting was illegal although there was all sorts of things going on, people were exchanging bets in pubs and sort of things but it was illegal really, but they had a proper licenced office at the top of the […]

Working as a gardener while I was at school – by KM

While I was at school, following in my Dad’s footsteps of hard work, I did various jobs. My Dad got me some gardening jobs and I used to do the gardening for some of what we call the big houses, the posh houses. I did a couple of houses down in Bute Avenue which is off Sudbrook Lane. The people must have been quite pleased with me there because, when […]

Working at Cellon’s and fill in gardening jobs – by KM

My Dad worked in Ham – it just about comes in Kingston – in the Cellon’s paint factory that was opposite the Hawkers Aircraft factory. I think that just about comes over the border into Kingston. My Dad worked there for 42 years although he did his stint in the RAF duringthe war. I’ve got to give Dad my credit – a lovely man. He worked very, very hard. He […]