71 Bus to East Acton – by DM

I remember the first bus coming up Lock Road and it used to come round, turn left here into Broughton Avenue, top of Lock Road, left and then go straight across and up Beaufort Road because there was no road through linking, the only road the only way you could get to Ham Parade by car was either round the Common or you’d have to go up Beaufort Road, Lammas Road, Dukes Avenue and that’s the way the bus went through there – I remember things like that.

That would have been a 71 that used to run up the Fairfield, straight on and then turn left in Kingston and along the Fairfield and then out towards Chessington because it went round Clarence St it went past the old Granada cinema there and the ABC Milk Bar and straight under Kingston railway bridge and back to Ham that way and I remember the Farebrothers Funeral directors had a huge angel as a monument, a carved angel in the window for, I don’t know, donkey’s years.

After you had finished at St Andrew’s School and then you moved on to Mortlake? Yes, that was 71 bus again, because the 71 ran over to East Acton, Dukane?  Rd, East Acton, it used to go to over Chiswick Bridge which was again very handy because it went through Richmond and I used to get off at Chalkers Corner and walk down, the school was in the Mortlake, the Lower Mortlake Rd, not the Upper, the old Mortlake Rd that goes straight on not over Chiswick Bridge.  It was straight on and it was along there, a short distance along there, and I used to walk along there and then walk back each day to Chalkers Corner to catch the 71 back home again but in the fine weather, in the spring term or autumn term, I used to get on my bicycle and cycle up through Ham Gate, Richmond Park past White Lodge out at Sheen Lane down to there.