Working at the Star and Garter – by VG

They’d just that moment had a request for somebody to be secretary to one of the officers so they sent along and …that’s another story about the Star and Garter Home, incredible place and I gotthe job and I worked there for eight years. The Heads of Department were all officers, Major, Colonel, General, Admiral – mine were Admiral (laughter).  There was this lovely little woman, Mary Stocks, who’d employed me to work for .. she’d interviewed me.  She’d been there since it started in 1919 or whenever it was, she was a tiny little woman, bird like, she was wonderful and I went and she spoke to me in the corridor and she said – talk about two minutes and she said well you’d better come and meet Major Corrie? and I said well am I going to be doing it? and she said yes, you’ll start on Monday.  I worked for him, he kept bottles of whisky in the bottom of his cupboard