To and from school by bus – by GS

I had a bus pass, but we used to cheat sometimes because Mortlake Boys School had no actual sports ground as such our games period had to be taken on places like Palewell Park, Sheen Common or even just inside Sheen Gate, which was a long walk from the school.

When you was at the actual school and you never had to go to games you’d just come up the road to Chiswick Bridge and get your bus there and right the way back to Ham to come home, but when you went to games and you were right out of the area you had to get the bus and on your bus pass it would only let you get on various buses I think on ours it was 65 and 71 so what we did we used to cheat, we’d walk down to Sheen because that was the nearest bus stop from Palewell Park or Sheen Common and then we knew the 33 and 37 used to run through into Richmond where we could pick up a 65 or 71 so we got a ballpoint pen and put on a 33 and 37 on the bus pass, which was cheating, but the conductor used to really look at it, I think on a few occasions he actually rumbled us but he let it go but if he got awkward and said you’re getting off at the next stop because they were quite strict on the buses in them days when they had the conductors