They’re after my chickens – by CL

This woman came out of the end cottage, she said they’re after my chickens, so me and my mate panicked, sheer panic now isn’t it, we run along the top of this wall which is nine inch wide and we ran out into Back Lane and then there was a fence there on the end of it, I don’t know if it’s still there I never look now, and next thing I see a leg coming over and it’s this woman coming after us.  They were all related that lot down there and she’s coming after us and chased us down the road.  Because I’ve gone in the back garden and run right down by the thing, she said I know you little sods are in here she said I’ll have you.  My mate he stood and stopped up by the shed and she turned round and saw him, she give him a clout, she give him a bleeding good clout like they always used to then.  They sorted it out themselves didn’t they?  And I thought Christ you never expect to see a leg come over a fence that’s six foot high.