The Richmond/Kingston boundary went through people’s flats – by MS

You see we’re a funny mixture, we’re basically in Richmond but part of the flats when we first came here were in Kingston but it took an arrangement in the end between Richmond and Kingston that Parkleys would be Richmond.  But the boundary actually went through people’s flats!  It was a bit awkward.  I think Ham Farm Road, the plots there got sold and settled before Parkleys, now I know when we were here they were still building so I’m not sure how it worked because there was a house at the corner of the main road, that’s an old house, then you go down an alleyway to another house.  Parkleys having been built so soon after the war weren’t built with the good materials that you can get now so to a certain extent they’re slightly more fragile while we were lucky that this new design had come in it doesn’t look bad and it doesn’t look too pretentious or too snooty, whereas if you look at some of the more modern buildings going up in London and you think, crikey!