Leading Petersham Sea Scouts trip to Rhyll – by RP

I was the Scout Leader for my sins from 1982/83. That was the Petersham Sea Scouts and we used to go out on camping and so on and the reason I seemed to have got involved was that I said once to somebody that when are they going camping and they’d never been camping before.  So we went camping with our boats and so on and we went down to Rhyll or somewhere on the south coast, no Rhyll is in Wales we went down near Swanage, Poole harbour.  In those days it was just boys, the girls came later but I was never involved in the girls’ side, but the hut was, it was built by the local people and they used to hire the hut as well on occasion and usually the people round there, you know we did our cooking and we had some land, a field we could do things with and on one occasion I remember I had them running round about two o’clock in the morning one day because they didn’t want to go to sleep and so on and they were chatting to themselves so I thought oh well we’ll try and tire them out in fact it had the opposite effect, but eventually they went to sleep and we got up and that was one of the days we were camping down there by the scout hut, we could camp down by the scout hut.  I think other people have used it since for camping and other scouts have used it of course I think Petersham and Ham, though I didn’t go with them to Canada and so on.  No when they were down in Petersham we used to go here, there and everywhere.

Did you go out on the river a lot, any adventures?

Oh yes, being Sea Scouts, the only thing I can really think of was when “the Scouters” not the scouts when the scouters rowed down as far as Harrods I think it was, the place on the Thames, they had a building down near there.  We enjoyed ourselves and we all took our time to row back and we’d all had to take over the position of the person in charge if you like until we got home again and just moored the boat where it used to be and we just came ashore and that was that.