Remembering Ham Parade – by MW

Oh, I tell you what, up on the Ham Parade was Denbys, which was a grocers and you could go in there, you’d give your order and then they would deliver.  Presumably the greengrocers was still next to it.  I mean, there was no supermarkets then, was there?  That’s where she used to go, to Denbys.  Oh, they had a little van, because I think I went to school with Frances Denby, who was one of the daughters.   I think you could take it home, but I suppose if it was heavy, they would deliver. It’s funny, isn’t it…  I’m thinking of some of the shops along that Ham Parade, what they used to be.

Right, what else do I remember… the chemist, Morrell & Howells, which is basically where the chemist is now. There was also, a bit further along, the Ham Library, but it was only a little library; she used to sell other things as well. From there, there was a Mr. Duck, who was a shoemender; his shop was divided into two, I can always remember he had lots of logs in there.  Of course there was Beale’s the butchers, wasn’t there… and the Oak Cafe, because when I used to sell poppies, it was always cold in November, wasn’t it, and the lady who was on the opposite side of the Parade, we used to give up after a while and we’d go in there and have a coffee.  That was before the Parkleys was built, I suppose, but I don’t remember what was there before.  On the other side, there was Jarvis’s, the fishmonger… First and Last Cafe… there was a Jock’s Cafe, I think, as well!