My schooldays at St Andrew’s Primary – by EB

I went to school at the age of five at St Andrew’s Primary School, which is now St Thomas’ Catholic Church, a very nice school it was too.  I can’t remember anything else about that.  I passed my 11 plus from there.

Oh Mr Page, now he was nice, he was my teacher at Ham School and he became headmaster before he retired, he always spoke as he was walking by, or if I was around, yes he was nice, Mr Page.  I think he lived in Teddington because he was always walking past here to go to the school when it was open before it changed.  Mr Page that’s about the only teacher, I can still remember all my teachers all the way up, Miss Herbert when I was five, Miss Ayres when I was six, Miss Cook, Mrs Cox, Miss Beech, she went into hospital for appendicitis and died, terrible because they didn’t have the equipment in those days, and then Mr Page when I was in Class 1 and he was the Deputy Head as well and when Mr Gomm died he took over.  But I have very happy memories of Ham School.