Mods and Rockers in Ham – by KM

Let me again relate this to a Ham story and the part of the era. I grew up so my youth was mid ‘60s into the ‘70s and there were distinctly 2 types of youth cultures then: one was either a Mod and rode round on a motor scooter and they were Lambrettas and Vespa scooters or one was a Rocker or Greaser and they were on motor bikes. Most of my friends – all of my friends – were more on the Mod side and rode round on motor scooters as opposed to motor bikes.

Outside the youth club there would be a lot of scooters always parked up outside there – the boys who had learnt to ride the scooter and who could afford one – often with just the L plates on – at 16 years of age. I was on the Mod side on scooters although I have to say that I didn’t actually have a scooter; I never could afford one. But not everyone had one but a lot of my friends did.