The Pits…playground then filled in – by EB

Well when we were kids we used to play over there, I don’t know if any of the kids have told you, Chris probably called it the pits.  It did used to have water in it and then after the war they used it for rubbish when they were building roads in London and the houses that were bombed they brought all the rubble and tipped it into there, which is why they can’t build any further because they threw in a lot of barrels and things, well they’re obviously going to rust and squash down and the land is going to drop so they have to test it now and again, I’ve seen them over there testing the levels but I do remember all that playing on the pits, but I never went near the water.  But all the boys they used to be on the landing barges and leaping over, I thought that’s not me and I’m going home, bye!