Park Keeper on Ham Common – by CL

I’ve just remembered a friend, we all had bits of old bikes we used to build up from war damaged bits down in the gravel pits, there was all bits of stuff about and you all made up bikes without brakes you know you put your foot on the front tyre to stop it.  But my mate and he normally had my brother on the handle bars one sitting on the handle bars and Mick was on the handle bars and my brother was riding it and they went up the Common towards the Inn direction, up that way, and then next thing Mick’s sitting on the handle bars turned and said “there’s a copper” he would be after you then, they used to give you a smack round the head if you’d done something and he turned round my brother had gone, he wasn’t riding it anymore and so he landed in a big heap in the road I think the police must have killed themselves with laughter, sitting on the handle bars.  I will always remember that one it was hilarious.  You always just used to put your foot on the front tyre to stop it, you know.

I remember once being chased by a Park Keeper once, they used to have Park Keepers on the Common, and they were on the other side really down that way they had a big hut down there, lovely hut it was an all, but they used to patrol these areas, you couldn’t ride across that Common when I was a kid, you couldn’t go across there on a bike, no none of that they would have had you, there was plenty on them about, there’s none now is there?  They’d have had you, oh yes they would.  They were hot and all.