My father returing after the war – by SJ

My father settled back into ordinary everyday life to a certain extent.  There were things he wouldn’t do and there were things, like he wouldn’t go to Remembrance Day services and he was very firm about that.  That was something he just didn’t do.  He said I’ll stand in the garden and I’ll remember all my mates who didn’t come back.  Well that was it.

Because she became obviously less dependent upon him and as the war went on but she kind of reverted once he was home.  They were both quite strong personalities but they fitted well together.  Yes, my father was quite a humorous guy and my mother wasn’t.

There weren’t any actual bombs on Lawrence Rd?  No, my mother lost her roof a couple of times but I’m not sure how that happened and we had a couple in Lock Rd but many years before I was born and I think there was a camaraderie amongst the people that lived in certain parts of Ham and it meant that they shared experiences.