Being Evacuated in 1944 – Memories by MW

Well, let’s put it this way, we were evacuated in 1944 – I was six then and Janet was three and a half – so when we came back, we came back in ’45, so I suppose sometime after…? We wouldn’t have gone across there in the War, surely.  Oh no, we wouldn’t have done, would we, because it would have finished by then, wouldn’t it. So, after that.

I can remember going to Kingston Station and meeting another mother there with two daughters, Janet and Margaret, except that Janet was the older.  We went up to Nottingham, I don’t know where Janet and Margaret went… and then we went out to Gotham. We were with the local butcher, now that was quite handy!

Then in June ’44, we had a bomb fall at the corner of Dukes Avenue and Dysart – nobody was injured, there was a lot of damage, tiles off roofs and thing like that and I think our back door, most of it was blown off, but ours was the only toilet round there that was still whole!  We had an Anderson shelter in the back garden, so we were down there, you see.  I can always remember – it seems strange now – collecting shrapnel.