Food shortages and treasure in bombed buildings – by MG

Well, food was short then, rationed and three children to feed.  And my Dad at that time was in the Army, he was abroad, so I often think how hard it was for her.  She had to take her turn in firewatching down the road at night, for the incendiary bombs.

I can remember sort of going over there, but mostly I remember playing at the end of the road, because one of the houses was knocked down completely, a bomb fell on it, we would play up on the bombed buildings.  We used to look for little bits of china.  We used to have a tin each and if you found a piece of china, it was like a treasure and you kept it in your tin.  I don’t know how children would fare nowadays, because there wasn’t toys, we didn’t have any toys at all, just wasn’t any.  There was a man down the road, Mr Angwin, he used to keep rabbits and Mum used to buy rabbits from him to eat and also he used to do a lot of woodwork and he used to make toys for us. Other than that, there just wasn’t toys!