We Had A Bus Pass But Only For Certain Routes But We Cheated Sometimes – Gerald Stevens – 24

The Fire At Grey Court In 1974 – Gerald Stevens – 31

St Andrew’s Was Strict And Run By Brutal Man Called Mr Gomm – Gerald Stevens – 12

One Child Dies From Drowning In The Pits – Gerald Stevens – 19

Mr Page Was A Lovely Man At St Andrew’s And We Played Cricket With Him At Lunchtimes On The Common – Gerald Stevens – 15

Mortlake School Was Chosen Because My Sister Went There – Gerald Stevens – 25

Miss Webster Was Indian And Taught At St. Andrew’s, And Didn’t Like Me – Gerald Stevens – 13

I Was A Bit Late Starting School At St. Andrew’s – Gerald Stevens – 11

I Used To Attend St Andrew’s Church, And A Weekly Fee Paid For A Yearly Outing – Gerald Stevens – 21

I Left St Andrew’s A Little Early Because Of Ill Health, Sent To Broadstairs – Gerald Stevens – 22