Remembering the Fox and Duck – Peter Knight – 26

Memories Of Jimmy Edwards Playing Polo And The New Inn – Gerald Stevens – 54

Dave Allen Used To Drink In The New Inn – Gerald Stevens – 43

The Billet Used To Do Yearly Outings To The Coast – Kathleen Sadler – 17

Royal Oak Was Fun On A Friday Night – Chris Pittam – 25

I Used To Go To The Dyart After Playing Squash With Philip Carr – Chris Pittam – 26

Tug Of War And The Ham Pram Race And Ending In The Pond – Charlie Payne – 24

Memories Of Ham Fair And Ham Bonfire On The Common – Peggy Pearce – 14

Our Family Was Regular At St Andrew’s, And There Was A Clear Path From The New Inn – John Neville – 04

Pubs Were Physically Different, Each With Three Serarate Bars – Keith Mulberry – 18