There Was A Lot More Open Space To Play On When I Was A Lad – Gerald Stevens – 17

There Was A Big Ditch Where Grey Court Was Built, Good Place For Bird Nesting – Gerald Stevens – 28

The Milk Rounds Were Secrett’s And Hornby And Clark – Gerald Stevens – 10

The Cottages In Ham Street Were Originally For Farm Workers – Gerald Stevens – 09

Sewage Farm Was A The Bottom Of Ham Street, Then There Was A Piggery That Was Eventually Moved Further Away – Gerald Stevens – 20

My Grandfather Was A Trader And Used To Graze His Cows On The Common – Gerald Stevens – 05

Memories Of Western Lodge – Gerald Stevens – 60

Bull Meadow Was Ploughed Up And Maize Was Planted – Gerald Stevens – 29

Building And Demolishing Of Craig House – Gerald Stevens – 48

Parkley’s Was Built On The Old Ham Farm And An Orchard – Mary Seager – 04