Worked Then A Plasterer Then A London Taxi Driver, But Travelled The World Watching Boxing – Charlie Payne – 16

When We Were At Ham School And Brought Us Morning Cocco And Home For Lunch – Charlie Payne – 21

Went To St Mary’s School In Richmond – Charlie Payne – 11

We Used To Play Marbles In The Road – Charlie Payne – 31

We Used To Fish In The Gravel Pits And Play On The Trucks – Charlie Payne – 12

We Lived In Lock Road, My Dad Worked As A Lorry Driver For Secrett’s Farm, My Mum At Leyland’s – Charlie Payne – 02

Used To Find Schrapnel On The Common With A Metal Detector, And A Map Of All The Bombs – Charlie Payne – 26

Tug Of War And The Ham Pram Race And Ending In The Pond – Charlie Payne – 24

Skating On The Ice On Ham Pond And The Dip On The Common – Charlie Payne – 25

Remembering Secrett’s Farm And The Prefabs – Charlie Payne – 19