Friends and growing up in Lawrence Road – by SJ

Growing up in Lawrence Rd did you have, you know, friends in the road?  Oh yes, lots. 

I mean, where these children you went to school with as well?  Yes, some of them but a lot of them were Catholic and so didn’t go to the same school but there was always playtime in the evening or afternoon and we were lucky we had a grassed area in Lawrence Rd and we all used to collect on there and play.  I mean my mother wasn’t very keen on this because she didn’t like children playing outside away from home and so it took a lot of persuasion on my part and on my father’s part cos he thought it was a very good idea.

And did you go to Kingston or Richmond for the cinema or?  Usually Richmond, I don’t know why but Kingston was not a place we gravitated to.  It was still , I know what I want to say but it sounds dreadful, but far more working class than Richmond.

Oh yes. that’s what was handy about being a youth club leader.  It was, you saw and met a lot of people who you liked and some you didn’t like so much but it was always worth a try shall we say and see where it got me and I’m just …. Booths Gin, the eldest son lived in a large house on Ham Common, I can’t think what it’s called now.  One side is the, one side of the road is the convent and on the other side..

Oh Hardwicke House?  It could, it might be.  I don’t know if that rings a bell or not but it was the eldest son went to the primary school and so I got to know Philip and his younger brother, I can’t remember what the younger brother was called and we often went out together and his parents were very nice and  that went on for a good few years.  That wasn’t boyfriend/ girlfriend that was friends.