Cimemas, Richmond Ice Rink, Swimming and Kew Gardens – by TH

There was the Gaumont which I.., it’s all changed now.  That was  great, and of course, the Richmond Odeon and, of course, you had the Kingston Odeon which turned into the Bingo Hall which is now shut and getting developed into something else, I don’t know what  and, of course, you had the ice rink, you know Twickenham Ice Rink or Richmond Ice Rink as it was known, which I went very rarely because I was useless on the ice and and of course the swimming baths, Richmond Swimming Baths and, of course, you’ve got the Teddington Lock Swimming Baths which is still operational both swimming pools are so we had that sort of thing and of course Kew Gardens, the beautiful Kew Gardens and the Isabella Plantation.