Changes to Housing in Ham

Most odd because every road had its turn of having children in it.  You know, I lived in Cleves Rd and there was quite a few children there and they grew up and the next generation seemed to be in the next street.  We did spend a lot of our time in Lovell Rd because there were a helluva lot more children in Lovell Rd than there was in ours.

Did you find Ham had changed quite a bit when you came back?  Of course, Wates Estate. Yes, lots more people yes and as far as I can recollect in them days it was again them and us. You know they were house owners and we were council and it’s funny I always felt there was a bit of a stigma and I still think to an extent council tenants are looked down a bit on, you know I could be wrong, you know..  We bought this in ’84 for the ridiculous price of £19,525.

Everyone knew everyone else and when I was a kid there wasn’t many private houses around, I mean Wates didn’t exist and the private houses were all on the outskirts.  Ham in itself was just all council houses.

[My aunt’s house] number 1 Woodville Rd.  Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  You know I mean you’d have to have the space obviously they were like single bungalows.  I mean they were metal which probably on reflection weren’t very comfortable now but you went in the front door and there was a bathroom and toilet.  The kitchen which in my aunt’s place was at the side.  You went in and there was a fridge.  Now quite honestly no one had fridges in them days.  There was a fridge, an electric cooker, a pull down table and seats and the front room went across the width at the back of the house even French doors.