Shopping on Ham Parade…Denby’s, Ham Hardware, and three banks – by ML

Locally, I shopped on the Parade.  There were two vegetable shops on the Parade and there was a delicatessen called Denby’s.  I don’t remember if there were any Indian or Chinese restaurants but there were three banks – Lloyds Bank, Midland Bank and Barclays Bank.  There was a butcher too.  We mustn’t forget the hardware shop.  Malcolm was a young man working for Mr. Dorling who owned the shop.  When […]

Shopping in Back Lane, Ashburnam Road and Ham Parade – by SJ

Yes, well Frank was there before Dunkleys and he was there for years, all through the war years apparently, cos he had my mother’s meat ration book and that.., he was very nice but he had.. I don’t know what it was – he was either tongue tied or some malformation and he spoke most peculiarly and all the kids used to rib him rotten. That was really very naughty […]

Denby’s, Kingston Market, Toy Fair at Bentalls – by GDS

When food was rationed she had to go to the particular shops. Bevan’s was the butchers. She was registered with Denby’s on Ham Parade which is where the Bistro is now. There was a Mr Denby there for our groceries and I’m not sure about the bread. We didn’t have supermarkets then and she would shop in Kingston market – she was fond of Kingston Market. I’m not quite sure […]

The Old bakery, the Co-Op and Dunkley’s – by HC

You could do all your shopping… there’s a very, very posh converted house near here that’s called The Old Bakery, but I remember buying bacon in it in 1967, it was the Co-op!  The Co-op was in Ham Street, near the pond end and near the little shop that was called Dunkley’s, run by Mrs. Dunkley. Then the Ashburnham Parade shops had everything you needed: lovely baker, lovely butcher, lovely […]

Mrs Dunkley, Beales the butches and Ham Library – by EB

Mrs Dunkley, have you heard of Mrs Dunkley? She had a shop in Ham Street next to the Brewery Tap, and she practically ruled it, you didn’t dare say the wrong word to Mrs Dunkley, and she, after the war, she bought a grocer’s shop and sold groceries which I always did my order every week until we had supermarkets came along and then gradually ran down, but she ruled […]

Barclays Bank Raid 1976 – by GDS

There was the cashier in the bank, Barclays, on Ham Parade. There is a memorial seat to her outside the bank – Angela Woolliscroft, it was 1976 I think. There was bank robber who went into Barclays bank and demanded money. She gave it to him, as they were told to do, but he used a shot gun and killed her at point blank range. She was about 20 years […]