Buses and the 1950s smog – by KS

I used to walk up to the New Inn at the bus stop, the original bus stop isn’t there now but yes, used to walk up to the New Inn and get the 65, get off at the station and walk down the alley to the school.

I used to be able to cycle nearly all the way up Star Hill.  You know the little slip road at the top – I could get as far as that – could never ever manage that last bit and in the winter when it was thick with smog you used to walk, you know, obviously the buses weren’t running or they were very slow and it wasn’t safe to ride on a bike but you never thought of not going in to work, you know, you went in and that was it and then walk home.  You know there was several of you so it wasn’t unpleasant.

Did many of you get ill?  Not to my knowledge no.  We always used to wear something over our mouth and… Yeh, I mean I can remember people, bus drivers, bus conductors walking in front of the buses with a flashlight, you know, because it used to be so horrendously thick and smelled.