Playing in and around All Saints – by CL

All Saints in Petersham for the same religion so we used to be in there all the time, a lovely church [All Saints]. We used to be in there and we used to play outings in there and of course it echoed all over the place when you were in there we would get up by the organ that was up there, playing. We used to get in the church down in Petersham which is not a church, because there was only one organ, how silly is that?  Up there because it’s the only reason I know it, the bell up in that belfry is like the top of a bike bell, that’s the shape of the bell up there.  We used to play up there, up in the belfry playing there.  That’s bright, isn’t it? With sticks, bong, bong, bong, I will always remember that belfry, what silly blokes we were.