71 buses…few and far between – by FH

Ah well, it was the 71 bus but it had many and varied routes, sometimes it came one way sometimes it came another way and it was rather few and far between in its appearances and people really got quite frustrated waiting for this 71 which sometimes seemed to come and sometimes not.

It had a very long route, I think it came from Chessington and went all the way oh I don’t know way beyond Hounslow perhaps.  It was a very long route which we always thought perhaps made it rather unreliable, but you know it was the nearest bus that we had.  It certainly didn’t come as near to where we live as the 371 now does.  Oh it’s been much, much, much improved and there are lots of 371’s in the system and you know a two minute walk from 25 Fellbrook.

And I suppose the 65 did run?  Oh yes oh yes it always seemed quite a long walk to the Common to get the 65.  It really isn’t but it seems so at the time, and that was reasonably frequent but again had a very long route and so was a bit unreliable because traffic jams up and buses get stuck and you might get an enormous gap and then a couple come together, you know the way it is on these routes.