School made me ill – by JP

As soon as I went to school I got everything and I nearly died, I had some kind of, it must have been a virus, because nothing they did would stop this terrible fever and I was in Kingston Hospital and my parents were sent for on this particular day, I was six, a policeman came for my parents because I wasn’t going to last the night!  I remember it, I sat up in bed and there were all these people round my bed and my mother and father at the end, and I said “what are you all doing?” and then I laid down.  I was saved for some reason but I haven’t found out what yet!  I did the same thing with scarlet fever, I caught scarlet fever, I caught it badly and I was very ill, again I was in hospital for six weeks, and that was between five and six.  And yet I managed to keep up in the school, and then my mother was very, very, very strict, she was a snob!

The school was very good, Miss Breech was there, she was a wonderful teacher, well they were wonderful teachers, I mean still go back to things that they taught me and you know life was really very good because after school there was Mr Beard and his youth club.