Playing and Scrumping – by MG

My brother didn’t, I suppose, play so much, but I used to play in the road a lot with children down the road.  I remember that we had a bike, my sister and I, which we shared and we had a skipping rope which was tied to the lamppost, because there wasn’t any cars then, so those days we played outside a lot.  We roamed around Ham!  We used to go down to what was called the second Common, where the church is, a gang of us, and just sort of roam round.  You can’t imagine children being allowed to do it now!

I do remember an incident in Ham Avenues, as you go down on the right, there was an orchard, and we used to go there scrumping.  We used to have lookouts to see who was coming and one day we were there and somebody called out – it was the policeman, he was on his bike!  So we all scrambled out as fast as we could; if I remember, there was this sort of barbed wire across the fence and we all scrambled out as fast as we could and we ran…  We were playing with friends who lived in Evelyn Road and because the policeman was on his bike, we ran hell for leather and in those days, their toilet was down the bottom of the garden and we all ran and hid in this toilet, then shut the door because we were so frightened!