Lifts home from the headmaster at St Elizabeth’s – by KS

When I started at the local school when I was 5 which is I believe now the Catholic church and yes, I went to the local school for about 18 months and my mother had a disagreement with one of the teachers and the head master and being a catholic and that was a C of E School, my brother and I had to go into Richmond to St Elizabeth’s down in Parkshot which is not there anymore.

Did you have a school uniform or anything like that or…?  Not that I recollect, no I mean, it was just after the war and so I shouldn’t think there was much financial, any financial things going on and uniforms were expensive.

[I was there] from about 7 until I left 15.  It was a very basic school, you know, you went in when you started and came out the other end when you finished and the headmaster used to live in Tudor Drive and if we were fortunate enough and especially when my kid brother had to go there as well, we were standing at the bus stop, he used to come along in his little box Ford and pick us up and give us a lift into school so that was fortunate