Our Police Box, Murder in 1953 and the Barclays raid – by EB

There was a Police box in Ham, do you remember it? Yes, that was in the garden of 1 Lock Road on the junction with Ham Street and Lock Road so it was in that top corner and it was blue like a Tardis and it had just a little window where you could open it and call the police.  We never had any police in Ham, it was very rare that you saw a policeman, in fact the only one you did see was the Common keeper, Mr Wooldridge, who you were terrified of because he was always telling you off and you wouldn’t dare drop a piece of paper or anything because he was very rigid with his rules was Mr Wooldridge.  But I think you respected him.

Do you remember any major crimes in the area? There was a murder in 1953, two girls were murdered down by Teddington Lock, but that’s a bit vague, they did find the two men that did it, something to do with bicycles, but it’s a bit vague, that all I can really remember.

What about the bank clerk at Barclays?  Oh yes that was dreadful! I expect you know all about that, he parked his car in Bentalls car park, stole another one and drove it to the bank and shot her – there was a plaque in the bank. He shot her and she was killed and then drove back to Bentalls car park, couldn’t find the right parking place and just left it and went and got his own car and it was when the owner of the other car came back and said “my car wasn’t here, why is it there?” and the police were everywhere by then and he mentioned it to them and they connected it that that’s what he had done.  He’d borrowed a car and done that, but they did catch him in the end.