Using and Teaching Music at Latchmere House – by VG

I was totally unqualified for anything actually including the guitar completely unqualified and they said they wanted somebody to do music with the boys at the Remand Home, 15-19 they were and she said oh yes I’ve got the person so I worked at the Remand Home for a few years.  I’d no idea what I was going to do with them because they weren’t going to learn guitar because they hadn’t got guitars.  We had a lovely time.  We were talking about soul music and reggae and we just sort of played records and often sang a few songs and it was very lovely you see for a couple of years, those were the boys on remand and they were considered to be the most difficult they said because once they’ve had their case tried then they’re waiting to find a place at a Young Person’s Prison they’re much easier but those were supposed to be the difficult ones I got but I.. they weren’t difficult at all, they were lovely.  Some of them would say, they’d all say that they were framed.  I remember one said to me “I was framed and I can prove it was because they said they’d got my fingerprints and I know I cleaned them off!”