Invasion barges and an adventure playground, Ham Lands – by KS

Yes, and I think our favourite place was the pits.

There were invasion barges moored there and I can always remember..  I ‘ve got a brother that’s a few years younger than me and I used to take him everywhere with us and we were trying to climb onto one of these barges – I got up there, my kid brother who was four years younger than me and he fell off the tree into the water and it was only by a local lad going in after him otherwise I wouldn’t have a brother. Yeh ..proper kid’s paradise, we had the mini railway and it was all, apart from where the water was, it was all sand and exciting, you know especially when you shouldn’t have been out there in the first place but it was lovely – I couldn’t have wished for a nicer place to grow up in, I really couldn’t, you know