Going to the Richmond school of Dancing – by MF

In my teens… I was taking to somebody recently… when I was in my teens, we used to go to School of Dancing in Richmond.  It was above a milk bar type place called The ABC, then it became Prontos.  There was a dancing school above there, called Garganico-Bishop.  You went there and then… the woman who ran it, she was Bishop and Bob Garganico, he was a dance band leader and he had a big orchestra at the Castle Ballroom in Richmond.  You sort of progressed from the School of Dance to the Castle; it was very popular in its day and it was a big orchestra.

And was it a proper sprung dance floor?  I’m not sure.  You went to the School of Dance until you could get round and so you could get round and dance with the girls, basically.  You didn’t really take it that seriously, to learn dancing as such, just an excuse to get with the girls!