My first cinema film was Bambi – Kate Lyons – 10

Football was my main hobby, jazz at Thames Hotel Hampton Court – Philip Lintern – 19

Leisure time at Hampton Court Jazz Club and going on holiday to Jersey with mates – Philip Lintern – 28

Playing in a Skiffle band in the Youth Club and other gigs- Philip Lintern – 21

Using the buses from Ham to Richmond cinemas Odeon and the Ritz – Philip Lintern – 25

I was an ABC minor, but it was an outdoor life as a child – Michael Kingham – 19

Opposite the Fox and Duck was a small cinema in the 20s or 30s – Inge Kimbell – 18

Bringing physical activitiers, music, art, photography to HamYouth Club – Chris and Moni Kenward – 09

Music workshops started in Ham Youth Club – Chris and Moni Kenward – 10

Arts and crafts offered to Ham youths – Chris and Moni Kenward – 11