Football was my main hobby, jazz at Thames Hotel Hampton Court – Philip Lintern – 19

I used to play for Ham Football Club against Ham Rovers – Philip Lintern – 09

Broke my leg playing football, and visits to the Royal Oak – Philip Lintern – 20

Cricket and Football teams from the Woorville Road area, playing on the square surrounded by the prefabs – Philip Lintern – 08

My involvement with Ham FC – Maurice Kearns – 29

Ham FC played on the common. Boxing day was a big event – George Hughes – 18

Ham FC won the Surrey Junior Cup in 1953 or 4 – George Hughes – 19

Ham Boys Club and joining Ham Foolball Club – Michael Facey 10

Ham Football Club after match drinks – Michael Facey 13

Ham Football Club Trouble finding a pitch – Michael Facey 12