Costing clerk at the Star and Garter – by JP

But anyway it was really, they were training us for office work and when we were 14 they really gave us a grammar school education and then we were taught shorthand and typing and commercial arithmetic, bookkeeping, all very useful stuff for the times and for getting a job that kind of thing, and we left school at 15 and were paid next to nothing and gave it all to our mothers, but there were still clothing coupons there was nothing to spend our money on really, yes 1945. I worked up in London for a couple of years but got […]

Working at the Star and Garter – by VG

They’d just that moment had a request for somebody to be secretary to one of the officers so they sent along and …that’s another story about the Star and Garter Home, incredible place and I gotthe job and I worked there for eight years. The Heads of Department were all officers, Major, Colonel, General, Admiral – mine were Admiral (laughter).  There was this lovely little woman, Mary Stocks, who’d employed me to work for .. she’d interviewed me.  She’d been there since it started in 1919 or whenever it was, she was a tiny little woman, bird like, she was wonderful and […]