50 years on the Wates Estate – by FH

Because my husband was about to take a posting, he worked for Unilever at the time, to Hayes and he thought Ham would be a good place to get to Hayes from Ham by public transport or by car.  We moved into this house, just as it was built.  When Geoff chose it, it was a hole in the ground but he earmarked this site and when the house was completed about six months after he had seen the site, we moved in and we still live here now, 50 odd years later. So how much of the estate was […]

Sandy Lane and the surrounding area – by VG

There would be some houses in Sandy Lane that people had just moved in, for instance our immediate neighbours at number 18 he was the Borough Treasurer and his wife and son and they’d moved in earlier that year, it was  September 1956 when we moved in, I think they’d moved in at the beginning of the year and were sort of well established and there were some other houses, a few other houses that were occupied  and, let me see, of those how many of the people are still there? I can only think of two other households now […]

Trouble getting the joint from the burchers – by MG

We used to get meat up on the main road there, because that’s another memory…  My sister and I shared this bike and in those days, we didn’t have a fridge, so Mum used to order a joint of meat to be picked up on Saturday morning and she was given one half of like a raffle ticket and the other number was put on the joint.  So, mostly it was our job to take this raffle ticket up to the butchers and then claim the joint.  This particular Saturday, I wouldn’t go and my sister wouldn’t go and we […]

Shopping in Petersham and Ham – by VG

Well, there was of course what there was opposite the Orchard was the Petersham Post Office and General Store.  It was lovely.  It was a wonderful shop and I would go there every week because I’d get my family allowance there and it sold you know general groceries but I didn’t do my main shopping there because every Friday evening I would phone the Co-op in Ham St and they’d deliver, they’d deliver the week’s groceries, Mr and Mrs Cox and very sad when they went and then the place was pulled down.  It seemed bad and opposite there, there […]

Remembering Ham Parade – by MW

Oh, I tell you what, up on the Ham Parade was Denbys, which was a grocers and you could go in there, you’d give your order and then they would deliver.  Presumably the greengrocers was still next to it.  I mean, there was no supermarkets then, was there?  That’s where she used to go, to Denbys.  Oh, they had a little van, because I think I went to school with Frances Denby, who was one of the daughters.   I think you could take it home, but I suppose if it was heavy, they would deliver. It’s funny, isn’t it…  I’m […]

Many memories of shopping in Ham – by GS

I can always remember going to see Father Christmas in Bentalls every year, a relative used to take me and my sister and brother to see Father Christmas, and he always said “what would you like for Christmas?” and I must have asked him half a dozen times for an electric train set, because in them days I think you still believed there was such a thing as Father Christmas!  It never materialised so I never got the train set. When I was a young lad, when you enter Craig Road from Lock Road I had a friend along there […]

Ham Parade Shopping – by MS

Well we used the Parade for the shops well in the winter when we weren’t away at the weekends, we have had a wonderful collection of shops, we had another hardware shop as well as Malcolm’s, when we first came here.  There was a greengrocer this side of the Parade which also sold fish, of course we had the Post Office which was good, we had Barclays Bank, and we had four banks at one point which was quite incredible, it was very handy.  It was a very friendly and you were so close to the river it was that […]

Dunkley’s, Elson’s, the Co-Op, Burke’s, and Smurden’s – by KS

At the top of Cleves Rd there used to be a grocery shop and next to that was a newsagents and tobacconists.  Mrs Dunkley had the grocery shop and Jessops had the newsagents and Mrs Dunkley, I think her first shop was next to the Ham Tap.  It was a very small shop which she ran with her and her husband and in the summer she used to freeze Tizer and sell ice cubes at a halfpenny each but and then further along (on the other side of the road) what used to be the butchers, that was Frank Birch […]

Dunkley’s and the Co-Op – by PP

It was – the Crooked Billet’s gone as well – down in Ham Street there’s a pub called the Brewery Tap. Across the road from there are some houses and one of those houses used to be the co-op and Mr Cox ran it like a private shop, really. He was very good, he was terribly disabled with arthritis; his hands were very difficult for him but he used to bone up the bacon and slice it – you know, he had his bacon delivered in large pieces so you could choose your cuts but most co-ops had it already […]