Play reading and singing group – by VG

He’d started this U3A play reading group that met here. He’d organised it really well.  I was the tea lady for that because I didn’t want to do plays but I had joined the U3A.  Well I did start off with that but we left it and became an independent group, a sort of singing for pleasure group, nothing to do with .., I mean I played the guitar for the accompaniment but it was separate from my guitar playing lot up in Ham  and we used to meet fortnightly, alternate fortnights.  It was play reading or singing, Kenneth came […]

Local Band records a session – by VG

It was terrifically loud and crashing but Paul could sing very well, one played bass guitar and one played lead guitar and Gareth did drums and percussion and they were good, just too loud, but they were actually very good and they taught themselves it was all, Paul could sing.  I’ve got a record of it … for somebody’s birthday, an hour in a recording studio so they just went up and recorded four songs, improvising while they did it.

Carols on the Common – by VG

We had carols on the Common every Christmas for about six years we were doing that and also in the summer. Was this in the 80’s, 90’s?  The last one was 2005 and then the year of the centenary of the view from the top of the hill we did a very big one it was sponsored by Jason Debney, yes, anyway and we did a programme it was called Aspects of Richmond, obviously you couldn’t find enough songs and poems about Richmond itself but with some judicious altering of words they became about Richmond (laughter).

Skating and Music entertainment in Richmond – by KS

There used to a lovely ice rink in Richmond and there were dance halls and there was always loads to do, you know, coffee shops. So how did you get around, was it all by..?  Bus, yeh. I mean no-one owned a car.   The dance hall, was that in Richmond?  It was in the same block as the Town Hall.  I think there’s a little road and Palm Court used to be down there and it was right on the corner and above.  I can’t remember what it was called now but, I mean, it was just so totally […]

Dances at Ham Hall – by KM

The large building which is now a youth club, I believe, on Ham Close – that started out just called Ham Hall. That was a hall for the use of the community in general. It wasn’t particularly just a youth club. It was quite a nice place when it started. It had a staging area. There was local guy, I guess he would have been in his twenties or so, from Petersham, a person called Geoff Ware, he and his friend used to run dances there on weekend. He used to hire bands. There were some really, really good dances […]

Palm Court Orchestra at the Castle – by DM

I think as well, you having worked at the Castle, that the Castle had quite a dance hall?  Yes, it did, Palm Court Orchestra and all that, yes, the Palm Court they used to have in the evenings there, yes, I was never part of that because a member of staff but I never saw what was going on there but I do remember people, an atmosphere, there was always people used to talk about how famous the Palm Court used to be, yes.