Fighting to save Ham Lands – by David Williams

The biggest campaign that I was fighting in the 1970s was stopping building on Ham Lands. What had happened with Ham Lands is they were former gravel pits, disregarded and looked upon as ‘the wasteland’, one of the names for it used on the Wates Estate in the 1960s.  But the planning history of it was that Wates got permission to build on the 70 acres which is the Wates Estate now, but were then refused permission to build nearer to the river on the river side of Riverside Drive and in the typical local government way after Wates had […]

Guides and Brownies in Ham since 1961 – by JB

Well I started a Guide Company in May 1961.  I had been a Guider before I got married so I was first a Guider in 1951 before I was married.  Thought I had given up when I got married, came to Ham, volunteered to do badge testing and ended up by opening a new Guide Company.  I’ve been associated with the Guide movement since 1941, 1942.  It’s always been part of my life. I volunteered to do some home testing and as I say ended up with the Guide Company which I took down at what is now the Russell […]