71 bus and the Green-Line – by SJ

I mean you had the 71 but it ran, I don’t know, once an hour, something like that, and the 65 was more frequent but it meant you had quite a walk to get on it. And my mother used to take us to, there was a Green-line running through here which ran up to London and we often used to get that and go up to town for whatever reason – clothes shopping, exotic fruits, you name it.

Yes, it was, well not so bad.   The bus to Richmond and then the District Line from Richmond to Turnham Green.  The one big problem then was of course the fog and we used to have the most horrendous time with that and they used to stop the trains and you’d wait there for ages and it was a real, the winter time was quite difficult but it’s like all things, you don’t.., it doesn’t really.

It took time to catch up. It was not anywhere near as good as it could have been or is now.

It’s a fantastic service as someone who uses it quite frequently, it’s a blooming good service but it didn’t used to be.  I mean you could stand there and wait a couple of hours for the bus, I mean ridiculous and my mother used to get infuriated.